Elizabeth Arnau is an international Fashion & Lifestyle Illustrator born in Barcelona and living between London and Barcelona. Since a very early age she had a clear vocation into arts and fashion and spent most of her free time drawing. She studied Philosophy, Graphic and Fashion Design. 

Her first art exhibition was at Miró Museum and has been awarded with the Golden Thimble. Her artwork is sold to private clients and brands.

She started in the fashion industry as fashion designer showcasing her womenswear collections at New York, Cannes, Barcelona and China Fashion Weeks. Her professional experience spans from directing a model agency to creative direction, fashion photography, modeling, fashion styling, visual merchandising and fashion show organization. 



Creation and development of concepts aligned with the identity of each brand, design and tailor made illustrations for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries: advertising campaigns, magazines, book publishers, social media, website, packaging, branding, marketing, store window design and promotional illustrations. 


Creation of personalized illustrations and portraits in the unique and fashionable style of Elizabeth Arnau. A glamourous gift for a special occasion.


Possibility of licensing Elizabeth Arnau’s existing art and create exclusive concepts for interior design and retail projects such as decor pieces, stationery, apparel and much more.


Live drawing at Fashion Weeks and sketching guests at press events, product launches, in store events and private celebrations, such as weddings, bridal showers and parties.


Elizabeth Arnau has been published in several magazines such as: Robb Report,, Vanidad, FHM, The Bay Fashion, RB Fashion, Elegant and Dreamingless.


Awarded with the Golden Thimble at Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid – 24/07/2015

Art Exhibition at Wework Glòries, Barcelona – 30/01/2020

Fashion Show at L’Illa Diagonal during Barcelona Shopping Night in cooperation with Zapata Jewelry – 20/06/2013

Art Exhibition at Miró Museum, Barcelona – 7/10/2011

Charity Fashion Show in collaboration with Hello Kitty for relief the victims of Tsunami in Japan – 08/04/2011

Haute Couture & Prêt-à-porter Fashion Show at Cannes Fashion Week in Villa Oxygene – 2011

Haute Couture Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Avenue, NY – 10/09/2010

China Fashion Week – CIGF 2009 (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair – 10/20/2009