Elizabeth Arnau is an Artist and Fashion Designer, born in Barcelona and living between London and Barcelona. Since a very early age she had a clear vocation into arts and fashion and spent most of her free time drawing and designing. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy at University of Barcelona, and Graphic and Fashion Design at Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design

She started her creative career as fashion designer showcasing her first Prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture womenswear collections at Barcelona, China, New York and Cannes Fashion Weeks and won  «The Golden Thimble» fashion award. During that time she got offers to get into modeling too and started working as a model at the same time. At the age of 24 she launched Gorgeous Group Models, a model agency managing and developing fashion models (where she was actively in charge of the scouting, booking, photography production and art direction). The business has been running during ten years providing models to the Fashion Weeks of Barcelona, London, Paris, New York, Milan and Germany.

On the other hand her passion about illustration stayed always alive during her free time, but she never thought of it as a possible career. Only since 2019 she dared to bet on it professionally and nowadays she combines it with  fashion design and the model agency allowing her to cover a wider market. 

Her unique and personal drawing style is characterized for its simplicity and powerful stroke, with subtle roots in japanese manga, 50’s haute couture fashion, minimalism and art déco. Her artwork spans commercial illustration for lifestyle, beauty and fashion commercial projects, to wall art and customized commissions for private clients.

One of the most remarkable art exhibitions she did has been at Miró Museum partnering with Hello Kitty. Now she is preparing a special fine art series to be exhibited in London and New York Art Galleries, and working on her first collection of swimwear and resort wear to be launched soon.



Art Exhibition at Wework Glòries, Barcelona – 30/01/2020.

Awarded with the Golden Thimble at Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid – 24/07/2015.

Fashion Show at L’Illa Diagonal during Barcelona Shopping Night in cooperation with Zapata Jewelry – 20/06/2013.

Art Exhibition at Miró Museum, Barcelona – 7/10/2011.

Charity Fashion Show in collaboration with Hello Kitty for relief the victims of Tsunami in Japan at Elephant Barcelona – 08/04/2011.

Haute Couture & Prêt-à-porter Fashion Show at Cannes Fashion Week in Villa Oxygene – 2011.

Haute Couture Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Avenue, NY – 10/09/2010.

China Fashion Week – CIGF 2009 (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair – 10/20/2009.



Elizabeth Arnau has been published in several press such as: Robb Report,, Vanidad, FHM, The Bay Fashion, RB Fashion, Elegant and Dreamingless.



Creation, design and development of visual concepts aligned with the identity of each brand. Tailor made illustrations for fashion, beauty and lifestyle advertising projects in all type of formats and media, animated and still.

Some popular commercial usage of Elizabeth Arnau’s commissioned artwork demanded by clients includes: social media content, packaging, product design, store window design, displays, how-to’s, storyboards, magazines, book covers, website, promotional postcards, merchandise, characters design, special limited editions, print, digital and TV advertising campaigns.


Elizabeth brings to life through animation the characters she illustrates, generating eye catching videos where narrative, creativity, magic and fashion go together.


Fast live drawing of guests on events such as Fashion Weeks, press events, product launches, in store events and all type of private celebrations (weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc).


Possibility of licensing Elizabeth Arnau’s existing art for homewares, decor pieces, stationery, apparel, accessories and much more.


Creation of custom illustrations and portraits in the unique and fashionable style of Elizabeth Arnau. A glamourous gift for a special occasion.